Classes: Qi Gong

Qi Gong (& Meditation) Courses:

Qi Gong Courses / Classes

Qi Gong forms an important part of the Academy’s syllabus and these classes focus solely on this aspect. Through the regular practice of Qi Gong you can develop your strength, health and energy. Classes consist of warm ups and stretching to release energy blockages, in conjunction with deep breathing exercises, coiling movements and a variety Qi Gong sets. With time, students can progress and deepen their understanding of Qi Gong.
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Some classes will also include meditation practice. The type and length of the meditation depends on the teacher of the class.

Material includes

  • Baduanjin (8 Pieces of Silk Brocade): Performed to invigorate and strengthen the whole body
  • Ershibashi (28 Step Qi Gong): Soft and flowing movements based on Tai Chi
  • Swimming Dragon: Coiling movements to stimulate energy flow throughout the body
  • Zhan Zhuang (Standing Stake) – standing meditation to cultivate internal energy
  • Tai Chi breaths – simple movements to help develop the feeling of Qi

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